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Welcome to the plays by Claudia Haas. Honored with sixteen national playwriting awards, My plays have seen over 800 productions in all 50 states and on five continents.

Most of the plays are designed for young performers and young audiences. I have worked with young performers for over 20 years and my work has been enhanced by their collaboration. I am available to skype with casts doing my shows. I also visit theatres and schools for talk-backs and playwrighting classes.
Enjoy the site!
Claudia I. Haas,
New and News:
Erin Elevator's Extraordinary Adventure 
Cast 4-24 (all gender flexible)
Running Time: 40 minutes
Theatre for Young Audiences; suitable for touring
Based on Ruth Stiles Gannet's novel My Father's Dragon, the play chroncicles young Elmer Elevator's trip to Wild island to rescue a baby dragon. It's an adventure tale for ages 4-8. Set, costumes and props are minimal. Masks are helpful!
Under a Midsummer Moon published by Dramatic Publishing. (A coming-of-age tale for all young performers set on the eve of the 1969 Moon Landing.)Find information here. 
Drama; Community Theatre; High School Theatre; Theatre for Young Performers
La Bella Cinderella - winner of the Prince George's Children's Theatre competition. It toured Prince George County, MD during the summer of 2013 and was part of the 2013 Minneapolis Fringe Festival.
"There aren't many Fringe offerings that are truly all-ages shows, but this is one and it's very fun, even if attending kid-less. It's an adaptation of "La Cenerentola," the Italian folk tale that inspired "Cinderella" (and Rossini's opera), but in Claudia Haas' version, the title character is OCD about cleaning, which is too much for her stepmother but just right for an order-obsessed prince. It's presented with the kind of comedies performed in Renaissance-era public squares, and is delivered with a light touch and plenty of kid-pleasing charm." - Rob Hubbard, St. Paul Pioneer Press
La Bella Cinderella
CAST: 6 (3f, 2m, 1 m or f
Running Time: 55 minutes
Comedy; Theatre for Young Audiences; suitable for touring
The Primo Pasta Players turn the Cinderella tale topsy-turvy with zany, pasta-loving fun. Help the Players get ready for the ball, save Cinderella from a wild boar and stop the villainous clown from stealing the crown! Silly rules the land!Music and dance are welcome additions. Interactive for ages 4-10. Find an excerpt on the Plays Page.
And the Universe Didn't Blink
CAST: 3 (2f, 1m)
Running Time: 85 minutes
Drama; Community Theatre, High School Theatre
Miranda dwells in the past. Any past - as long as it is in a time prior to her father's death. Reeling from her mother's remarriage, Miranda spends a week with her Great Aunt and acquaints herself with an ancestor from her father's past - the Russian Explorer-Physicist Otto Schmidt. In trips to the North Pole with Otto, Miranda seeks to find her father and come to terms with his passing. Find an excerpt on the Plays Page.
The play had a scene presented as part of a Twin Cities Playwright T.E.A.S.E. (The Easy Access Script Experience) in June 2013 in Minneapolis. As a result, Theatre Pro Rata held a reading of the play in October 2013.
The Caruso Sisters - Serio-comic
Cast: 5 females (ages approximate: 35-70)
Running Time: 90 minutes approximate
Drama; Adults; Community Theatre
Giancarlo has died. Anna and Emilia come to help newly-widowed Tess through a difficult time. But Tess is amazingly calm. Maybe Anna and Emilia are the ones who need help.
The play was writted to address the waste of "fine wine" actresses that are seldom seen on stages anymore even though women over the age of 40 make up the bulk of theatre audiences.
Cap o' Rushes - 2013 Winner, East Valley Children's Theatre Aspiring Playwright Contest
Cast: 17 (8f, 4m, 5 m or f) - many extras possible
Running Time: 60-75 minutes (depending on added music)
Comedy; Theatre for Young Audiences; Theatre for Young Performers

Known as one of the "salt" fairy tales or as one of the "Cinderella" fairy tales, Cap o' Rushes follows the adventures of a young maiden seeking her place in the world. Thrown out of her father's house for telling her father that she loves him "as much as meat loves salt," Sabine embarks on a quest to make her way in the world. With the help of two magical sprites, Sabine re-invents herself as Cap o' Rushes and carves out a new life.


The play premiered at East Valley Children's Theatre in Mesa, AZ in February 2014. It will be published by Pioneer Drama in 2014.


The play is designed for young performers. Music and dance additions enhance the story and the experience. Find an excerpt on the Plays Page.


Aesop and George published by YouthPLAYS. Large-cast comedy for young performers loosely based on Aesop's lesser-known fables. Information and excerpt here.

Comedy; Theatre for Young Performers


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Under a Midsummer Moon, Minnesota Fringe Festival; photo by Kris Anderson